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About Us

“Voices in Accord” is a group of 18 people who sing mixed harmony pieces, including songs from the shows and music ranging through from the 1920s to 1980s. 

The group was originally named “The Miscellany Singers” under the direction of their then-conductor, Gwynne Evans, who arranged most of the music which the group sang.  Upon Gwynne’s retirement in 1995 the group renamed itself “Voices in Accord” under the leadership of Carol Williams, and the baton of Alison Elcoat. 


In the past the Group, as both “Miscellany Singers” and “Voices in Accord” has represented the Borough at various Town Twinning events, both in Emden and Schleswig.  After rehearsing for many years at St John’s Church Hillingdon, with which it has close ties, the group now rehearse at North Hillingdon Methodist Church.  Fund raising has included several thousand pounds for “Save the Children”, and various smaller amounts for other national charities.


Voices in Accord are available (evenings and weekends) to sing at Dinners, Charity Events, Social Evenings etc. 

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